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Family Trio Launches Four Books in Collective Effort


11 march 2024 ktm 

Three members of the same family have successfully launched four books. The book launching event was organized on 3 March 2024 in Kathmandu featuring a collective release of 'My Children's Creations',' Desire to Make Nepal into Nepal', 'Child Participation and Child Club', and 'Neelima and Camera'. Notably, a 12-year-old author shared his dream of elevating Nepal as a global role model in his book. Prominent figures in Nepal have expressed aspirations to transform the country into developedcountries like Switzerland, Japan, and Singapore. These authors aim to cultivate a distinct Nepalese identity, fostering national pride and a forward-thinking mentality. Among them, a 12-year-old student from Gyankunj Secondary School passionately shared his sentiments about the nation and patriotism.“My Children’s Collection” is a collection of various stories, poems, essays, and articles composed by him during the COVID-19 epidemic.Likewise, a compilation of 18 stories penned by Dr. Debaki Acharya delves into the repercussions of the armed conflict in Nepal on children, highlighting various poignant experiences endured by youths amidst the turmoil. Dr. Debaki Acharya is a member of Gandaki Academy and has been actively engaged in the sector of children, education, and literature for a considerable time. A collective release event unveiled four books, among them 'Child Participation and Child Club' authoredby Tilottam Paudel, shedding light on the historical context of fostering child participation and establishing child clubs in Nepal. He is one of the founders of Jagriti Child Club, the first child clubestablished independently by children. He registered a case in the Supreme Court to demand the registration of the child club in the District Administration office, when he was 17 years old, and has been actively engaged in the sector of children since then. The former foreign minister and senior writer Pradip Gyawali, serving as the chief guest, expressed how a child-authored book, outlining ways to enhance Nepal's identity, would inspire us to prioritize our inherent qualities and contribute to the nation's development. Prof. Dr. Dayaram Shrestha elucidated that every story within the 'Neelima and Camera' collection delves into juvenile literature, offering profound insights into the impact of tragic events experienced by teenagers. Similarly, Prof. Dr. Yadav Prakash Lamichhane, the Vice Chancellor of Nepal Sanskrit University, extended his heartfelt wishes, affirming that the narrative traits of Trideb, the child protagonist, are commendable and poised for further enhancement. Chairperson of the National Women's Commission and author, Kamala Parajuli, commended the release of four books by three family members simultaneously, highlighting the exemplary nature of three generations delivering a message of positive societal change through literature across various genres on a unified platform, and extended congratulations to the authors.During the ceremony, Gauri Pradhan, a child rights advocate and former member of the National HumanRights Commission, addressed the importance of child participation in the child rights movement. The author showcased in his book how the children's club achieved legal recognition from the district level to the Supreme Court. Representing all Nepali children, Sabnam Sunar, a member of the Global GirlsLeader Advisory Group, emphasized the utility of these books for girls and their inspirational value for children.

The program conducted under the chairmanship of Homanath Jaisi, the father of the writers, was hosted by writer Tilottam Paudel, with Dr. Devaki Acharya delivering the welcome speech. During the program, Trideb Poudel, representing the author, expressed that two of their works wereeffectively written amid the lockdown, transforming literature into tangible books. The event concluded with the participation of approximately 200 individuals, including pioneers in the child rights and human rights sectors, and representatives of governmental and non-governmental sectors. The participants recommended Mr. Paudel and Dr. Acharya, who has been actively engaged in the development and children sector to continue the writing and publication by making the child rights-focused literature more child friendly, youth-friendly and adolescent friendly.

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